It is no longer news that Arsenal fans of which I am one protested peacefully with placards against their manager who in their terms is not performing up to their expectations. Arsenal, the darling club of North London are underachievers for they have the potential to win the UEFA Champions League without sweating too much. It is also no longer news that Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger has lashed back at his critics who believe that he is not being appreciated. In my opinion I ask is he reacting as a victim of fans who cannot be pleased or is he just plain arrogant? I read a book, which is one of my favourite intellectual books titled the 5oth Law written by rap star 50 Cent and writer Robert Greene in which in one of the chapters said, Connection: Know Your Environment Inside Out in which both the writers admonished us the readers to listen to our fans and our critics alike because they have something to tell us but if we turn deaf ears to their complaints then whatever the consequences maybe we should bear

World’s richest man and philanthropist Bill Gates made two remarkable statements of which Arsene Wenger should learn from, he stated categorically that ‘Unhappy customers are your best source of learning’ and ‘ Customers complaints should be focused on more than company’s financials’. Dear manager, I for one have a lot of respect for you and I wish the very best for you but I believe that my fellow fans are telling you something which you should heed, thirteen years without an English Premier League title is not funny as we have become the butt of many jokes one of them which is that no club rejects silverware like Arsenal. This is no need to display bull like stubbornness because it will do you no good, rather you should listen and act. There are some key players that he should not have sold and some that he should not have bought an example is Mustafi who has been nothing but trouble. Forgive me for being cynical but is Arsene Wenger arrogant?

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