I remember it like yesterday during the final of the World Youth Championship hosted by Holland when a journalist said that Nigeria was not playing against their opponent, Argentina which had superstar Lionel Messi in the squad, Nigeria was playing against the referee who played the role of the twelfth Argentine which was evident to the whole world as he awarded the Argentines two penalties in the match. Fast forward twelve years after that incident, another game was played only not a game of football but a game of life and death and on side are the Fulani herdsmen and on the other side are the Christian community of Southern Kaduna and the umpire, the Department of State Security, DSS. I read in one of the dailies where the DSS cautioned the General Overseer of Omega Fire Church, Apostle Johnson Suleiman to watch his tongue after letting him off the hook for making what they called hateful incitements that could trigger off violence. While watching Channels News, I heard Apostle Suleiman state categorically that he stands by what he said which were not hate filled incitements which could heat up the polity rather they were words which encouraged Christians to defend themselves whenever they were attacked by anyone including the Fulani herdsmen.

It is laughable that the DSS are up and doing now especially under this present administration but I wonder where they were when the president under the Goodluck Jonathan administration when he vowed to make the administration ungovernable and during the 2015 elections vowed that if their party was not brought into power, baboons would bathe in the blood of Nigerians not forgetting the statement Zahra Buhari said about the continual killings of Christians until they became Muslims, why is it now that they have the effrontery to tell a man of God to watch his tongue? It seems like they have suddenly woken up from their slumber while the killing of defenseless Christians while Governor El Rufai and President Buhari keep mum while looking the other way. Nothing against the DSS but as an organization, they should do their job without fear or favour rather than play the role of a biased umpire


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