If it is one thing that Africa has not lacked are dictators, power hungry, blood thirsty, money craving dictators who stop at nothing to achieve their selfish aims and the worse part is they come in all shapes and sizes both military and civilian alike from Blaise Compaore of Boukina Fasso to Gnassingbe Eyadema of Togo to Idi Amin Dada of Uganda not forgetting General Sani Abacha of Nigeria, Mobutu Seseseko of former Zaire and a long list of others, new on the list is Yahya Jammeh of Gambia who was unceremoniously shown the way out when it was discovered that he had gotten too big for his jacket or would I say white robe if you would pardon the humour.

Not as if there are no dictators all over the world but the continent of Africa has had it worse especially with those ruthless rulers who bounce about wearing the humble title of ‘leader’. Yayha Jammeh’s recent ouster from power after ruling the tiny country for twenty-two years. It took the forces of Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Senegal to show this dictator out of power after the people of Gambia told him via their votes that they had had enough of his dictatorial rule as they took to the polls on December 1st, 2016. Jammeh took the Goodluck Jonathan route of accepting defeat and congratulating the winner, Adama Barrow only to change his mind a few days later. African leaders who tried talking sense to him to let sleeping dogs lie met a brick wall as he was hell bent on sitting tight in the hot seat but African leaders especially President Buhari would have none of it as he gave the disgraced leader of Gambia an ultimatum to step aside on the day of swearing in or face the wrath and trust our Oga at the top, not one to mess with or mince words with as he backed his words with actions by sending troops to the border of Gambia, the rest is history as Yahya Jammeh left the country on exile just like Idi Amin and Mobutu Seseseko where they died.

Here is a warning to future dictators who are thinking of holding their country to ransom, it is no longer business as usual as Africans will resist any form of tyranny just like what happened to Blaise Compaore in Boukina Fasso and Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast. And if you think this is a joke, try seizing the reins of power and see how long you will last there.

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