Tempers have been rising as Nigerians and the world have been exchanging words on the issue of Southern Kaduna killings, Christians especially on the social media have vented their spleen on the wanton killings of brethren and the disturbing silence about the authorities over the issue especially the Governor of Kaduna, Mallam Nasir El Rufai and President Buhari. The silence means consent to the Fulani herdsmen who have sent men women to early graves. What is most shameful is the reaction of the Department of State Security, who instead of going in search of the killers who are at large, they tried using force to bring in the General Overseer of Omega Fire Church, Apostle Johnson Suleiman but following the outrage by the Christian community had to change tactics by inviting him to their office.

In my opinion, Christians should defend themselves from any attack since the constitution guarantees their rights to life and self defense. The culprits who should have the riot act read to them are those lunatics who are so eager to shed innocent blood at the command of their paymasters. This country belongs to us all and not a tiny group of elites and their bloodthirsty patsies, the same rights they have to breathe is the same right we have. For how long do those vampires who call themselves Fulani herdsmen continue on their blood letting missions while we sit back fold our arms and do nothing. Someone said, ‘He who makes peaceful change impossible makes violent change inevitable’. For long we Christians have continued to play the meek lamb with the bleeding heart saying nothing while some lunatics under the guise of religion kill and they expect us to smile and say nothing, big mistake. Let this be told that no longer will we sit back and do nothing when some mad men take laws into their hands while the so called law look the other way. Two can play the game and though our faith does not allow for us starting fights, it allows us to defend ourselves for in the garden of Gethsemane Jesus told Peter to put away his sword for those who lived by it would die by it. The reason was simple, that scriptures would be fulfilled if not Peter would have gone on a killing spree. Last word to those Fulani killers, put the sword down else you will die by it.

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