It was heart touching to see and hear they encomiums poured on the former coaches of the Super Eagles, Stephen Okechukwu Keshi and Amodu Shuaibu to the fact that a great debate had risen on whether he would be buried beside his beloved wife or in his state of Delta. It is great to know that they were both appreciated during their lifetime but my question is, ‘Should we only start blowing the trumpet of our patriots after they have taken their final bow on life’s stage? If I can recall vividly while in charge as coach of the Super Eagles, both of them were the butt of jokes as one caption told Stephen Keshi ‘Keshi Put That Milk Down, It is not in you’ then my pastor mentor and others thought it was a joke to which they all laughed, now the joke is on us as we are about to commence our campaign for the World Cup ticket in a group tagged the Group of Death, a group that has Algeria, Cameroun and Zambia as our fiercest contenders for the same ticket, the irony is that every country in this group have won the African Cup of Nations at one time or the other, these countries have coaches while we are still shopping for a coach.

Two years ago, Benjamin Adekunle popluarly known as the Black Scorpion passed on at the age of seventy-eight after forty years of living in frustration finding solace in drinking and smoking. As usual, those who knew him and those who had never heard of him had one or two sugary things about him. It is high time that we honour our heroes in the their lifetime and not when they are dead, what is the point? If indeed these prophets must have honour in their own country, let us do the presentations of honour while they are alive. Stephen Keshi by my books was the most insulted coach in Nigeria’s history especially during the 2013 African Cup of Nation with the press leading the way of endless criticisms, to their shame Nigeria eventually won the tournament in grand style silencing football pundits who had tipped either Ghana or Ivory Coast to come out on top.

Kanye West said something spectacular in his song ‘Home Coming’ which we should ponder on, ‘Everybody has got the game figured out all wrong, I guess you never know what you have got till its gone’. This is from the Street King, just keeping it real






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