We have been down this road over and over again but we still find ourselves still going there. It is either that our football administrators have not learned anything from the past dramas in which foreign and local coaches have been the protagonists or antagonists depending on where they stand. When a local coach does not meet the expectations of the often impatient and hard to please football loving Nigerian fans, he is given the boot and his foreign counterpart takes off from where he stopped and then the foreign coach gets tongue lashed by the highly critical Nigerian media and then the whistle is blown on our foreign coach and then we switch back to our local coaches to redeem our battered image and on and on it goes like a voyage with no compass at hand and destination at hand. Our football administrators seem to be politicians who dance to the tune played to them by the fans whose fire of anger had been fueled by the sports journalists whose pens and tongues do what their actions cannot.

NFF has as a habit and a filthy one at that owe our indigenous cocahes their well deserved salaries yet they insult them over failed performance while the foreign coach who is either tired of our tantrums or knows deep inside of him that he has not delivered the goods that he is meant to. NFF Chairman, Amaju Pinnick corrected the media that they owed late Amodu Shuaibu two months salary, Stephen Keshi of blessed memory was owed seven months salary before they eventually settled him yet they collect fat salaries and over bloated estacodes¬† when they travel abroad. Hypocrisy at its peak when we can barely pay our local coaches like a man who can barely take care of his wife now he is wooing a foreign wife and not one who lives in his locality, but the one that lives abroad. It is about time that we tell ourselves the street reality that we should stick with what we know best cutting our coats according to our cloth and size. The bitter truth is that we don’t need a foreign coach but a local coach who can be in tune with modern day football, one who is not afraid to fail why experimenting with new methods, a coach who will be appreciated for his efforts because to be told the truth, coaching is not at all an easy job and if the pen pushers of the sports world have a contrary opinion, let them drop their pens and pursue a career in coaching in other words, a foreign coach is a luxury we cannot afford especially now in these times of change. This is the Street King who is just keeping it real


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