June 19th was celebrated worldwide as Father’s Day all over the world, congratulations to fathers but the street reality is not many who call themselves in name are really fathers indeed. Violence on the streets, cinemas, schools, shopping malls, and even in our places of worship but the question is where are the great fathers? There is a total breakdown of law and order, corruption in both high places, gang-banging, drug dealing and all manner of crimes of humanity and I ask where are the great fathers? There are many young African and African-American males in prison many of them raised by single mothers or guardians, in 2011 there was a nationwide riot in the United Kingdom where hell was let loose as youths took laws into their hands causing so much damage as shops were vandalized, burgled and looted blind, question, where were their fathers? The truth be told big thumbs up for our mothers who raised us but in Africa we say that one finger cannot pick a louse from the head. For a family to really be in harmony, the place of the father has to be in place and not just a man who occupies that post but a real father, a captain who is in control of his ship, one who leads by example and not just by talk, one who like a general can inspire his troops to victory even when the odds are stacked up greatly against them, a statesman who not just thinks of his generation but generations yet unborn, an entrepreneur who not only leaves behind an inheritance but a legacy that will live beyond him.

‘Where are our fathers?’ This is the cry of the average young man on the streets hooked with drugs, or in the bar addicted to alcohol, behind bars or even sitting on death row just waiting for his time to depart this world to the hereafter. The lyrics of 2pac Shakur read great meanings when he said

‘Ain’t nobody tell us it was fair, No love from my father cause the coward wasn’t there, he passed away and I didn’t cry cause anger won’t make me feel for a stranger’

These are no hate words just words of a young African male who cries out for a better deal from our fathers because when our fathers don’t act, we sons will react and we may do things which society may end up regretting Nothing against the feminists but the street reality is that the  whole world revolves around a father The difference between a Mike Tyson is not just age, it is a father, the difference between Michael Jeffrey Jordan and a Dennis Rodman is a father, the list is endless but I believe that you get my point. This is the Street King just keeping it real








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